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Spamhaus Technology Ltd., (trading as SpamTEQ™) specialises in marketing and distribution of security data and anti-spam technologies that have been developed by the non-profit organization, The Spamhaus Project.

Founded in London in 2004, Spamhaus Technology provides commercial data distribution and synchronization services for the real-time datastreams, raw datasets and security technologies developed by the Spamhaus Project. These services and datafeeds include IP-based and domain-based reputational data, response policy zones (RPZ managed services and RPZ transfer) and Border Gateway Protocol Feeds and block lists, which are used to protect more than 3 billion mailboxes worldwide from spam, phishing emails and malware.

These distribution services provide real-time security data to the world’s largest organizations and service providers, security and anti-spam vendors, universities, security researchers, cyber incident response analysts and law enforcement agencies. This global distribution involves resource intensive internet services which the Spamhaus Project, as a non-profit security research and spam-fighting organization, has no commercial interest in running itself.

As an independent distribution company, Spamhaus Technology allows the Spamhaus Project to meet the global demand for its real-time security and anti-spam data, while freeing the Spamhaus Project team to focus its resources solely on maintaining and developing technologies that help to thwart cybercrime by assisting organizations in combatting spam, malicious email traffic and DNS abuse.

Spamhaus Technology is a distribution company only and does not sell to the public. Services and data managed by Spamhaus Technology can only be purchased from authorized third party vendors.

From the proceeds of selling these services and data, Spamhaus Technology helps to provide a pool of worldwide public servers that provide Spamhaus data to the public, funds research into anti-spam technologies and contributes research and equipment to the global fight against cybercrime.

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