Join us at World Hosting Days, Germany

2017-03-23 11:55:55 GMT, by Barry Branagh

Spamhaus Technology and partner MxTools will showcase botnet choking threat intelligence at World Hosting Days, Europe Park.

We are making our mark in the hosting industry with threat intelligence that chokes the botnets used by cyber criminals to launch DDoS attacks, commit fraud and exploit networks.

We have a couple of sessions running during the event:

  • Forum session - 4pm Tuesday 28th at Teatro dell’Arte. See the proven results achieved by a Spamhaus customer, one of the biggest names in the hosting industry.
  • Speed session - 12.30pm Wednesday March 29th at Circus Celebration. We’ll be detailing six quick and easy steps to protect your infrastructure from connecting to the worst of the worst on the internet. or please join us on our booth Z18.

See you at Europa Park!

About Spamhaus Technology

Founded in London in 2004, Spamhaus Technology provides commercial data distribution and synchronization services for the real-time datastreams, raw datasets and security technologies developed by the non-profit organization The Spamhaus Project.

From the proceeds of these services, Spamhaus Technology supports a pool of worldwide public servers that providing data to the public, funds research into anti-spam technologies and contributes research and equipment to the global fight against cybercrime.

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