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The rise in global cyber crime exploits has increased the risk for all internet users

The Bank of England has categorised cyber crime as, “a real and present danger,” that often begins with a phishing email and ends with the loss of: data, assets, reputations, profits and jobs. However, the bank also acknowledges that the cyber crime risk can be understood, quantified and mitigated.

Spamhaus’ global team of security researchers constantly monitors spam traffic to identify domains and IP addresses that are linked to: spamming, phishing, botnets, DDoS, ransomware and other malicious activity. Our researchers know that new exploits can often be traced back to the same handful of botnet operators. Using this information, we can arm organizations with the ability to deflect connections from harmful domains and IP addresses.

Spamhaus constantly gathers temporal data on newly-registered domains and new email senders, looking for anomalous or adverse behaviour that indicates criminal activity. Malware samples are run in sandboxes to study how exploits work and Spamhaus researchers analyze the inter-relationship of data to discover where threats might be linked.

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This near real-time intelligence offers another layer in your network defences

Spamhaus Technology’s constantly refreshed datastream provides system administrators, network managers and security practitioners with context on the origins and severity of the latest cyber criminal campaigns; and the ability to block harmful email and IP traffic at the network edge before it can do any harm. Our Response Policy Zones and Border Gateway Protocol feeds are also used to disrupt communication between botnet nodes and C&C servers, to prevent data egress from malware-infected devices.

Find out why our real-time threat intelligence is used by the world’s largest organizations and service providers to block malicious email and IP traffic and shield their networks from connecting to bad domains, before they can do any harm.

This global threat intelligence, updated every few seconds, provides a powerful data source to help to mitigate the risk posed by the latest cyber criminal exploits.

Spamhaus Technology offers both IP-based and domain-based datastreams from Spamhaus’ constantly-updated spam, malware and exploit research data. This near real-time intelligence offers another layer in your network defences: enabling you to block newly-identified sources of exploits.

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Many of the world’s largest internet service providers rely on Spamhaus threat intelligence to block harmful email traffic and protect their customers.

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