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Spamhaus Technology BGPfeeds deliver near-real-time threat intelligence, allowing you to block connections from malicious IP addresses at the network edge.

The BGPf includes the latest Botnet Controller Lists (BCLs), Do Not Route or Peer (DROP) Lists and extended DROP lists (eDROP): delivering almost instant updates to your edge router’s DENY table and preventing any communication with listed IPs.

By taking just a few minutes to configure your edge router to peer with a Spamhaus BGPf router and a null route, you can provide your network with the most up to date protection against Botnets; phishing and external attacks on your organization’s servers.

BGPf provides an additional layer in your network security defences. Any routers within your network that are peered with the Spamhaus BGPf router will not be able to communicate with botnet C&Cs, preventing data egress and spamming from infected nodes on your network.

Using BGPf, network managers can quickly and simply block communication with IPs involved in the most dangerous cybercrime and stop DDoS attacks in progress.

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Many of the world’s largest internet service providers rely on Spamhaus threat intelligence to block harmful email traffic and protect their customers.

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